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Our Mission

Raising elegant, exotic, sophisticated Savannah Kittens is our daily life. It is our full time job – even though it is so much fun that it is difficult to
call it a job.

For more information about our Savannahs, please contact us today.

E-Mail: info@clearwateravannahs.com
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Welcome to Clear Water Savannahs! Breeding F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6 Savannah kittens as well as African Servals. As a top breeder in America, we take pride that we are able to offer exclusive Savannah to Savannah bloodlines. No out crosses are ever bred into our excellent bloodlines. All of our show class kittens as well as our kittens sold as breeders are exclusively SV to SV which means that you are getting a pure bred Savannah with no out cross breeds in the pedigree going all the way back to the serval. We focus on raising healthy, domesticated cats that are fully socialized. Each cat leaves fully immunized and litter box trained, and ready to join its new family as a great pet or as a great addition to a breeding program. We believe in providing our clients with an excellent customer service experience. Shipping, delivery and pick up options are available.
For those who wish to come see us in person we welcome you.
For those further away we will get your kitten to you.

We keep our prices as affordable as possible. We try to keep costs below the general market price while maintaining excellent customer service prior to and after the adoption.

We do our best to make owning a remarkable cat as affordable as possible.